How To Fix Epson 1400 Wireless Printer Setup

Epson StylusPhoto1400DriverDownloadWindows10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista/Mac-The brand-new Epson Stylus Photo 1400 is an A3+ six-color photo printer that modifies the immensely common version of Epson 1280/1290, which is nowadays an older printer. While it does a fine job with shade prints, for a long time now, 1280/1290 has been planned for an update.

The Epson Stylus pen 1400 is an outstanding improvement over the older models, with an exterior look much like the latest R1800 and R2400 laptop printers.

The Epson Stylus Picture 1400 is high-speed for setup outside of the kit. Plug the printer in and turn it up after removing the tape strips as well as packaging materials. You will be asked to position the ink cartridges, and the printer will definitely begin billing the ink lines, which takes a few minutes, as well.

The Epson 1400 uses brand new Claria color inks, which are also used on R260 and R380 letter-size printers. Compared with previous dyes used in the 1280 printers, Claria inks are much more archival, with as much as 200 years of life when stored in an album. Compared to the previous version, the brand new inks have increased scrape and water-resistance as well.

A Step-by-Step Epson 1400 Wireless Configuration Process
Follow the step-by-step instructions of the Epson 1400 Wireless Setup to set up the Epson printer.
Step 1
Delete all of the tapes, as well as the boards, first. But prior to that, you should check if anything is there, as described on the back of the printer packet. Until the installation process is ready, it is advised not to open the ink cartridge.

Step 2
After that, plug the power cord into the power source and press the power button on the printer. You are then able to install ink cartridges.
Step 3
Lift the printer cover from the printer and open the cartridge cover to do so. Then, unpack the pigment cartridges for you. Following that, cut the yellow tape from each ink cartridge. But, do not remove any other seals from the cartridges.

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